Over the last number of years, SEO strategies and techniques have changed considerably. Keyword research and backlinking played a huge role in how your website would rank in the Google search results, and while these are still important ranking factors (among more than 200 others), Google is not paying more and more attention the user experience (UX) when deciding which pages will be featured in the top spots. This must be taken account when it comes to creating an optimal website design Jacksonville business owners can rely on to support their business goals.
Formulating an effective web design for Jacksonville businesses nowadays means paying attention to user metrics such as, time on site, pages visited, and bounce rate, which are all considered by the Google algorithm. These metrics tell Google a lot about how visitors behave when they arrive on your website, allowing them to determine the quality of the website and what it contains. As a website owner, you need to improve the user experience so that they spend more time on your website, telling Google that the content on your website is top-quality, informative, engaging and your website is easy to use.
Below, we explore three effective strategies that can be applied to any business website design in Jacksonville to improve the user experience and boost your SEO in the process.
Re-Evaluate Your Navigation
When a user lands on your website, you want to ensure that they can find their way around with ease. Your navigation bars and menus should be clear and concise, offering the user a simple means to move through your website. Overly complicated site structures can detract from the user experience so it is best to keep things as simple as possible.
If you find that your navigation menu is becoming cluttered, consider a secondary menu, rather than adding on multiple dropdowns, which can lead to confusion. Breadcrumbs can also be an effective way of improving the UX, ensuring that they always know where there are on your site. Whichever way you decide to structure your website navigation, make sure that it works seamlessly on mobile devices as well as on desktop.
Consider Your Website Design
Developing your website purely with SEO in mind can often impact the user experience. And, likewise, a web design for a Jacksonville business that only considers the user experience can have negative repercussions for your SEO. When you are designing your website, its important to find the right balance between on-page SEO best practices and a UX-friendly design.
To implement a UX-friendly web design that will allow for best practices, there are a few key principles of web design that Jacksonville developers advise you to keep in mind. For example, while word count and text content are crucial for SEO, you dont want your pages to be too text-heavy, as this will impact the user experience. Instead, design your content in easy-to-read blocks of content, use bullet points, lists with supporting images to make it easily digestible. Its also important to create a solid internal linking structure, linking to other relevant content that will help to keep visitors on your site as they follow these links to other content relative to their search.
Ensure Your Website Is Mobile-Ready
Having a mobile-friendly web design in Jacksonville is now essential, as the number of mobile users has increased so dramatically. In fact, more than 50% of all internet traffic now comes from mobile search, so if your website is not mobile-responsive then you are missing out on half (or possibly more) of your potential customer base.
Nowadays, most business websites are designed to work on mobile. However, if you are updating an existing website, you will need to ensure that your new web design in Jacksonville will work seamlessly on mobile. Even if your website is already mobile responsive, there are a lot of improvements you can make to improve the user experience, increase load times, and ultimately bring more visitors to your site. To see if you need to make improvements to your mobile website design, you can use Googles Mobile-Friendly Test tool to see how your page scores.
Enlist The Help Of A Professional Web Design Agency
Ensuring that your website provides the best user experience possible while also focusing on improving your SEO, is vital in todays ever-expanding digital environment. Get in touch with an experienced agency with expertise in web design in Jacksonville today to discuss how you can create a website design that will improve the user experience, enhance your SEO, and, ultimately, increase your bottom line. With a professional and experienced team working on your website design in Jacksonville, improving your websites SEO and UX, you can focus on the needs of your customers, staff, and business, as you continue to grow and improve your operations.
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