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The mixing of coins during the transaction is the tool that helps many users of cryptocurrency to increase the anonymity of the transaction. When users make the transaction through the, it becomes impossible to track the transition. This increases the security.

Peer-to-peer network of cryptocurrency

In peer-to-peer networks, there is no main server responsible for all operations. Protocols work as a peer-to-peer network. The exchange of information (in our case, crypto money) takes place between 2-3 or more client programs.

 crypto currencyIn this system, the only responsible for the safety of the wallet person is the owner itself. Thereby, to improve security, it is important to stick to the high anonymity. Many users do that with the help of the mixing services. The technology works pretty effectively. During the transaction, all the coins for the operation go to the mixing pool, where they are mixed with coins of other users. After such operation, it is impossible to track the sender and receiver. To improve your safety with mixing, use the service.

The absence of boundaries in the system

Payments made in this system cannot be canceled, while they are transparent to all users. The coins themselves cannot be:

  • Faked
  • Copied
  • Spent twice.

Such opportunities ensure the integrity of the entire system.

Unlimited possibilities of transactions.

Each of the holders of the wallet can pay anyone, anywhere and for anything. Transactions cannot be controlled or disabled so that you can make transfers anywhere in the world, wherever there is another user with a purse of bitcoins. Cryptocurrency bitcoin works as a “live” cash.

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