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Darts, as a game, was promoted prior to World War I and was found in pubs around the UK. There is no way to identify when darts came into existence as several versions of the game are pointed out throughout history. As a modern analysis, nonetheless, it can be traced back to the early 20th century. For a seemingly straightforward game, darts and also dartboards required a good deal of maintenance. At the end of each evening the dartboard, originally made of timber, needed to be taken in order for the openings created by the darts to heel and enabled to dry prior to maybe played once more. The appeal of the game and also upkeep of the board as well as darts created fairly a problem for club proprietors, but Nod or auctioned in quickly to handle that.


Nod or, a modeling clay firm, saw a way of altering the way darts was played as well as to this day can be credited with modifying the game of darts with their dart boards. The original inspiration for Nod or dart boards was their modeling clay, nevertheless it was poorly obtained. Recuperate and also molding issues made the dart boards hard to use, although a lot easier to keep. The business initially sought to their modeling clay for motivation, but ultimately picked sisal fibers to produce the Nod or dart boards. Sisal fibers were grouped with each other and pressed right into a dart player salary to offer the look and feel of hardwood, but unlike wood, the fibers merely parted when the dart entered as well as healed itself when the dart was removed.

After the popularization of Nod or darts after the First World Battle, the firm took place to produce dart boards and darts; usually combined as a collection. Nod or darts products can still be found in clubs and houses around the globe to now; although the firm keeps a strong complying with in the UK as well as the USA. The boards are constructed from sisal fibers while the darts are frequently steel or tungsten tipped. The steel tipped darts cut conveniently through the fibers without developing huge holes that should be managed.

Darts, while not as popular as billiards in bars is still exceptionally prominent with pubs who want to offer amusement and also sport without using up a huge quantity of area. To now, Nod or stays a leading brand name in the dart world.

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