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Every now and then you will encounter this guy: he is less skilled than you, does not think in defense, and has no patterns or combination she just comes right ahead with rapid fire machine gun mode punching. I am not talking about rapid fire high volume punchers like Pacquiao or P. Williams, these men have slick and style head movement and footwork to compliment their onslaught. I’m referring to the ignoramus who comes straight. The problem is that he probably has a nice quantity of endurance and speed, and if you are not sure how to deal with this guy you may need to wait until the next round to actually get his number, if you are having an off day then that may not occur.

 These men make can make you look bad as they unleash a fury upon you, and all the more so if they brought their girlfriend combined to impress. There are three ways I have handled these men, not all will work exactly the exact same based on the speed of your opponent and your present level of fitness. These are struggle strategies, overall strategies you will find work particularly well against machine gun fighters of lesser ability. Tighten up your Defense and audience him. The rapid fire puncher generally has no clue how to move backward, let alone struggle moving backward, they expect you to follow the game plan that when he will come ahead you may either go back or remain where you are. This is excellent for him because he can judge space how he does on the bag and use momentum to chase you down as you escape.

Another thing that he loves is a brawl; it brings you down to his level and negates the finer points of your game. This is what I recommend, adopt a Wink Wright style shield, hands high, elbows tight to your ribs, forearms like columns. Ensure that your hands are slightly open and lakstempel met logo the heels of palms are turned somewhat inwards to stop uppercuts from easily finding their way see picture below, I have left off one glove so that you can see the position of the hand. When you’ve adopted this posture proceed towards your opponent, walk into his punching range, and if he begins firing take another step nearer. It helps if you can twist your body left and right to time and absorb the blows but it is not necessary, attempt to make him feel uncomfortably close, if he attempts to correct the space then get closer.

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