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I began drinking green tea about 6 years ago because it seemed everywhere I looked there was some kind of post, TV commercial, or scientific research talking about the benefits of green tea and how people in eastern nations who have it on a regular basis live longer and healthier lives on average than individuals in western nations. This got me wondering what all the hype was going so that I did a lot of research online to see that I was pleasantly surprised and what green tea’s benefits were. It is been known to decrease cardiovascular disease, improve the immune system, reduce your risk of cancer, speed up your metabolism, and much more. After doing some research on green tea I decided I needed to consume it on a daily basis. The following step was figuring out exactly what manufacturer had the maximum amount of anti-oxidants. I figured I might also take the brand accessible to reap the rewards if I went to take it.

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You will see what I’m talking about by doing an online search. Anyway, after doing some research on the internet on shop manufacturer green tea’s I found that there was a study done on store manufacturer tea’s and that the celestial seasonings brand has been found to have the maximum quantity of anti-oxidants of green tea’s which were part of this study. After reading this article it was a no brainer that this was the brand of green tea I would consume going forward. I will admit that initially I did not like the taste of green tea at all and still do not to be honest with you but I still wanted to make it a part of my daily life because of all the wonderful health advantages it gives. Check here for more useful information

About three years after I started drinking green tea three years ago I stumbled upon a brand new product that really caught my attention tea. How I came across tea was really pretty neat. After I returned home one day I was in the mood to get a cup of green tea. Since I opened the box I was greeted with. I thought this was a marketing strategy on celestial seasonings part but I was also excited because I love trying new matters and this something that I had never heard of before. Instead of having a cup of green tea I decided to provide a try to the tea. I that it stems from a region of South Africa and was full which I thought was fantastic. I will admit that I did not like the taste of this tea whatsoever. It was a little too sweet for me but this did not prevent me online to research it. What I found was quite interesting.

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